The soaps

Our Marseille soaps

Our Marseille soaps are made by our partner in the heart of Provence.

Production and composition: Handcrafted, Marseille soap with 100% vegetable shea butter.
It is enriched with shea butter for a creamy formula that respects so-called reactive skin. The dyes used are mineral or food pigments. Our oils are 100% vegetable.

It does not contain animal fat, parabens, surfactants and it is not tested on animals.

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You have the choice between:

  • the traditional Cube soap (300g) or its little brother (100g)
  • the romatic Heart soap (25g) or its big brother in a gift box (100g)
  • the very practical or useful for your guests Petit Carré de Marseille (25g)
  • the well-known Savonnette de Marseille, a 100g rectangle

Liquid soaps

Back from the soap factory near Marseille… Here is our new range of liquid Marseille soap with perfumes of Grasse with a small dose of ethics: products not tested on animals, 100% vegetable oil and 100% biodegradable (and yes in most of the soaps sold a part is non-filterable and is found in nature).

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Our fragrances: rose, verbena, honey, amber, monoi, poppy, opium, provence, orange blossom, olive-lavender.

Our offer:
1L bottle of shower soap at € 12

1 foam push of 300ml: 7,5 €

Soap roses

Here is a very nice collection of soap rose petals.
Surprising and original little gifts!

Use the flower petals as soap or leave the beautiful roses in a decorative vase, they will still smell good and will not fade!