Mother of pearl animals

Exceptional sculptures in Mother of Pearl,
Mother-of-pearl comes from different regions: Polynesian black mother-of-pearl, yellow mother-of-pearl from Australia, white mother-of-pearl from Indonesia, blue mother-of-pearl from New Zealand, and Burgos from Polynesia, the most beautiful mother-of-pearl on the planet.

The craftsman is French and all the nacres come from pearl culture, where they are first cultivated for their pearls, as well as the haliotis, and in particular the abalone paua, (blue mother-of-pearl), whose peach is very regulated.

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Metal figures

These animals are in white chromed or gilded metal with a bronze finish. Finely drawn, they are made by hand in France in the Var.
They are small collectible figurines. Ideal for having your lucky pet in your pocket or near you.

Their sizes vary from 2,5cm to 4cm.