Ceramic animals, extraordinary work of art, collection for life

Idellia is the reference for collectors of statues or animal decorations.
Known in Hyères, La Crau, Carqueiranne and in Pradet for the many exterior wall ceramics (salamanders, lizards, marine animals) or interior craftsmen in the Var (83).

Ceramic animals can decorate your interior as well as your exterior.

To each his own secret for offering or having representations of animals, it may have a mythological meaning or quite simply an aesthetic beauty. 

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Cast iron decorations, antique or vintage style, retro

Old style, all your decorations and useful articles in cast iron for a superb rendering.
Wrought iron and cast iron are ideal for decoration in the house or renovation in vintage and antique style, and also for exterior and wall decoration.

Door bells or front door bells, chimes, knockers, paper unwinders, thermometers, animals, trivets, tea towel holders, towel racks, coat racks, bottle opener, solid coat hooks ... come and discover them

Specialist in entrance or gate bells, our models are all on display so that you can see and try them out.

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Care advice: apply a varnish to the iron to prevent rust, especially outdoors

Our exceptional French perfumes, the magic in a bottle

Our perfumes are created in a perfumery located in the very famous region of Grasse (France)
It is a quality French and artisanal manufacture, with varied scents and which have a long lasting on the body.

The know-how in terms of perfume is particularly present in the city of Grasse and its surroundings (Provence France). This knowledge consists of a series of practices, including planting perfume plants, understanding natural raw materials and their transformation, and finally the art of composing perfume. Technical know-how related to perfume in the region of Grasse is a document inscribed on the List of French intangible cultural heritage.

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Collection of Grasse Eau de Toilette

Creation of exceptional flower scents.

Fragances of your choice: Lavender, Violet, Rose, Lily of the valley, Patchouli, Orange blossom, Verbena, Vanielle, Tiare flower

100ml spray bottle.

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Collection of timeless

Compositions of scents.

Fragances of your choice: Lavender, Violet, Rose, Lily of the valley, Patchouli, Orange blossom, Verbena, Vanielle, Tiare flower

100ml spray bottle.

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Our Marseille soaps

Our Marseille soaps are made by our partner in the heart of Provence.

Production and composition: Handcrafted, Marseille soap with 100% vegetable shea butter.
It is enriched with shea butter for a creamy formula that respects so-called reactive skin. The dyes used are mineral or food pigments. Our oils are 100% vegetable.

It does not contain animal fat, parabens, surfactants and it is not tested on animals.

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You have the choice between:

  • the traditional Cube soap (300g) or its little brother (100g)
  • the romatic Heart soap (25g) or its big brother in a gift box (100g)
  • the very practical or useful for your guests Petit Carré de Marseille (25g)
  • the well-known Savonnette de Marseille, a 100g rectangle

Liquid soaps

Back from the soap factory near Marseille… Here is our new range of liquid Marseille soap with perfumes of Grasse with a small dose of ethics: products not tested on animals, 100% vegetable oil and 100% biodegradable (and yes in most of the soaps sold a part is non-filterable and is found in nature).

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Our fragrances: rose, verbena, honey, amber, monoi, poppy, opium, provence, orange blossom, olive-lavender.

Our offer:
1L bottle of shower soap at € 12

1 foam push of 300ml: 7,5 €

Home fragrances

Home fragrances from Grasse

Diffusion from 2 to 4 months (depending on room temperature)

Diffuser 100 ml:

  • High quality broadcast
  • Diffusion by capillary action
  • Original creation and fragrances
  • Various scents
  • Supplied with 5 rattan sticks
  • Comes with cardboard box

Price: € 19

Mother of pearl animals

Exceptional sculptures in Mother of Pearl,
Mother-of-pearl comes from different regions: Polynesian black mother-of-pearl, yellow mother-of-pearl from Australia, white mother-of-pearl from Indonesia, blue mother-of-pearl from New Zealand, and Burgos from Polynesia, the most beautiful mother-of-pearl on the planet.

The craftsman is French and all the nacres come from pearl culture, where they are first cultivated for their pearls, as well as the haliotis, and in particular the abalone paua, (blue mother-of-pearl), whose peach is very regulated.

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Gold leaf jewelry on enamel crystals

Magnificent sets and jewelry, with refined shapes and harmonious colors. Lightweight and comfortable to wear.

These are unique pieces, made by an artisan jeweler / ceramist in Italy, near Florence.

The jewelry is made from a porcelain cookie. The enamels used are very specific and crystallize at a very high temperature to form very pretty irises. Gold leaf is added to the enamel to create a depth of yellow / orange color.

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3D lace card

Magnificent 3D cards cut in cardboard lace. When you unfold the map, it's always a surprise with a fabulous backdrop that stands out from the middle of the map.
The card is cardboard and is very solid.
The front of the card also features a cutout lace image that recalls the decor inside.

Discover the many decorations: Notre Dame de Paris, Pirate ship, Three masts, Ferris wheel, Birthday cake, Tower of London, Hammock with palm trees, Motorcycle, Bouquet of flowers, Car ...

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Artistic folded napkins

Discover this range of small artistically folded cotton towels!
A very good idea for a surprising and very pretty gift!

The towels are cotton their dimensions are approximately 20x20cm for the small shapes and 30x30cm for the larger ones.

Soap roses

Here is a very nice collection of soap rose petals.
Surprising and original little gifts!

Use the flower petals as soap or leave the beautiful roses in a decorative vase, they will still smell good and will not fade!

Bubble and blown glass from Biot

Very nice collection of glass pieces from the famous bubbled glass from Biot (France, Var). Bubble glass combines robustness and aesthetics.

Pieces made by a master glassmaker.
Carafes, stackable glasses, etc ...


Our selection of tableware of all kinds, some articles with modern design, others inspired by artists such as Picasso, Míro… or in the colors of our Provençal region.
You can also admire pieces in Bubble Glass from Biot (France) by our master glassmaker.

Dubout cats tableware

Here is the beautiful collection of the artist DUBOUT, cats in all their expressions, on tableware items: plates, coasters, magnets for the fridge, mugs, coffee cups, cutting board, set of table…

Scented candles

100% vegetable Marseille candle

Our candles are made on a 100% vegetable and in a traditional way in our workshops nestled in the heart of Provence. All raw materials are strictly and rigorously selected.

The scent of this candle is developed by a perfumer from Grasse.

The candle is paraffin free and without any petroleum additives.

Perfumes to choose from : Lavender, Poppy, Fig, Orange, Provence, Sensual, Verbena, Cedar, Musk, Rosehip

Price: € 12

3 in 1 gift box

This discovery box with the scents of Provence is an excellent idea for discovering scents in 3 forms,

It is composed :

- a 100% vegetable Marseille candle (75 gr)
- a bath salt (75 gr)
- a real cube of Marseille soap (200 gr)

Metal figures

These animals are in white chromed or gilded metal with a bronze finish. Finely drawn, they are made by hand in France in the Var.
They are small collectible figurines. Ideal for having your lucky pet in your pocket or near you.

Their sizes vary from 2,5cm to 4cm.

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